Affiliate Rewards Program - FAQs

Will I be paid out on all purchases made by people that I refer?

Only 1st time purchases for new Slickplan subscriber will count towards an affiliate rewards payout.


How many people can I refer to Slickplan and receive an affiliate award?

There is no limit.


What happens if a user cancels or is given a refund?

While this rarely happens if it does occur, the reward for that particular referral will be invalidated and will not count towards your affiliate rewards payout.


Where do I find my referral links?

Go to and enter your email address that you used to signup with. At the bottom of the next page you will see a variety of methods to invite people to Slickplan.


How can I track my rewards?

See the Track Your Rewards section in our Affiliate Program help page.


Can I use another method to receive payments?

At the moment Paypal is our only option for fulfilling cash rewards. If you need to signup for a new account please do so here


Can I change my PayPal account that you make rewards payments to?

Yes, Login to your account at and click Select Reward. Click “Change” to modify your PayPal account settings.


Are there any restrictions on how I can refer users to Slickplan via your affiliate program?

You are allowed to share your custom link as well as invite users via facebook, twitter and email. We do ask that you not engage in Pay-Per-Click Advertising or try to list your link on a coupon site. These actions could invalidate your referrals and lead to a possible ban from our program.


Do you offer my referrals a discount?

At the moment we do not offer a discount for people you invite. This maybe a future feature and we will notify you by email if we decide to offer a discount.


Do I have to be a Slickplan subscriber to participate?

No, anyone can join our Affiliate Rewards Program.


How long do I have to wait to get paid out?

Our waiting period on reward payments is between 60-90 days.


What do I need to know about US Taxes?

If you reach $500 USD per year in payouts we will contact you to fill out a W-9 so that we may issue you a 1099 at the end of the year with your reported income. This allows both you and us to be tax compliant. For all other tax questions please consult a proper tax authority.


I live outside of the US, can I participate in your affiliate program?



Who is is the program partner that powers our Affiliate Rewards Program. Our affilate program is hosted on their domain at

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