How do I edit colors for my page?


On the toolbar, hover over ‘edit colors.” From there, you will see a list of different ways you can color your sitemap.

Color Themes
You can choose from preset themes for quick and easy coloring.

Swatch Presets
Through swatch presets, you can color different levels of your sitemap according to the swatches provided.

Custom Palette
For a more custom approach, you can save swatches or palettes through the ‘custom palette’ option. You can also load a previously made palette to access later.

Save a palette by clicking on the ‘save’ button to the right.

Load a palette by clicking on the ‘palette’ button to the right.

Line and Text color
Choosing your line and text color is easy with another custom color option.

Single Cell color
Alternatively, you can color single cells at a time.

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