How do I share my sitemap?

To share your sitemap:

  1. Click the Share button under the page header.

  2. You have several sharing options:
    1. Sitemap Link
    2. Send An Email
    3. Post Message to Basecamp
    4. Post Social Networks
    5. Privacy

Sitemap Link

  1. From the Share modal box, click Sitemap Link tab.
  2. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy your link to clipboard for later availability.
  3. Paste this link into any destination file or URL address intended for sharing.

Send An Email

  1. To share your sitemap via email, click Send An Email tab.
  2. Place a checkmark near the user to send him/her an email. To add more recipients:
    1. Enter  Recipient Name and Email.
    2. Click Add Recipient button.
  3. Enter message subject and content.
  4. Once done, click Send Message.

Post Message To Basecamp

To share your map on Basecamp:

  1. Select Post Message To Basecamp tab.
  2. Click Configure.

  3. You will be redirected to General Settings page. Toggle the Basecamp switch to ON to configure your Basecamp settings. See How can I integrate Basecamp with my Slickplan account? and How to use Basecamp integration?

Post Social Networks

You can post your sitemap link to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN.

  1. Select Post Social Networks tab.
  2. Simply edit the shared message below the social network.
  3. Click Post.


To protect the privacy of your sitemap, you may assign login password to person you’re sharing the sitemap with.

  1. Select Privacy tab.
  2. Place checkmark near Enable Password Protection option.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click Save Password.

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