What are some of the cool features I can take advantage of when creating sitemaps?

Slickplan is rich in various features that make your work fast and pleasant. Moreover, some of these features make your projects unique, individualized, and tailored to your needs. Below is a short review of some of these features.

  1. You can personalize your account by adding a company logo and changing the color of the header and the toolbar. Click here to learn more about account management.


  2. You can adjust your sitemap colors to match your branding or any other desired colors. You can take advantage of the predefined color schemes or create your own color palette. You can learn more about customizing colors here.


  3. It’s easy to share your work with other team members or clients. You can copy an URL and share your link anywhere on the web. Additionally, you can send it via email directly from your Slickplan toolbar or share your work to other integrated services such as Basecamp, Slack, Teamwork, and social networks. You can read more about sharing here.


  4. Lets not forget about SEO. The content planning utility feature allows you to add metadata to your sitemap pages. You can read more about adding content here and adding metadata here.


  5. There is no need to create your sitemap from scratch. You can import an existing website using the site crawler. Just click the ‘import/export’ button on your toolbar and check the ‘Use an existing site’ radio button. You can find detailed instructions here.


  6. Among all of these features, Slickplan also offers a Diagram Maker tool. Diagrams quickly serve to represent relationships between specific structures of information, physical or virtual locations, stages within a process, decision points, process flow, and more. Click here to learn more about the Diagram Maker.

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